pelita-13First and foremost, we would like to thank you, parents, for your continued support for Pelita Hati Montessori School. It is a great honour to receive parents’ trust to educate their child in our fun, yet stimulating environment. We hope that our expertise and activities will nurture your child’s knowledge, skills and emotional maturity.

We believe that Montessori system is the best learning method especially for children under 6 years old, who are currently at the stage known as the ‘golden age’ or the ‘absorbent mind’, in which the brain is still very spongy. This makes children absorb any information given to them easily and quickly without putting on much effort. Teachers consider this stage the most sensitive period and it opens up windows of opportunities for learning.

In this 2016 – 2017 academic year, our playgroup students (Bunny Class) are going to have a lot of fun and stimulating activities such as rhyming, singing, dancing, brain games and practical life activities. The preschool students (Panda Class) are going to learn English, Bahasa Indonesia, Social Studies, Science, Art, cooking activities and many more.

Primary students are divided into three levels, Lower (P1 – P2), Middle (P3 – P4), and Upper (P5 – P6) primary classes. They are going to continue studying in groups with the assistance of visual aids to learn all subjects, including Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English and Mandarin. They also have a choice to join the newly offered Comic extracurricular activity to boost their creativity.