Timetable                                Weekly Themes

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My Nursery, K1 and K2 Jumbo Books, which are used and widely published in preschools in Singapore, cover the core curriculum areas of English, Mathematics and Sciences.



Homework for Mathematics, English and Bahasa Indonesia will be given weekly to Panda students when they are ready. It will be delivered on Fridays and must be returned to school on Wednesdays. If the child has difficulties in doing his/her homework, parents should inform the class teacher. Good communication between teachers and parents will help the child achieve his/her academic targets more promptly.


Serba – Serbi Book

Serba – Serbi book is a means for the school to communicate with parents and vice versa. Parents are welcome to express ideas, suggestions and feedbacks to teachers and the principals regarding any matters concerning their children. For Preschool students, it contains weekly announcements, songs, rhymes and teacher’s notes to parents.


Library Books 

Borrowing books is a healthy habit to help improve students’ reading ability. Students are allowed to borrow books every day except on Fridays. Borrowing a new book is not permitted if the previously borrowed book has not been returned. If the borrowed book is lost or badly damaged, it has to be replaced with the same or similar book.



  1. Preschool students must submit a set of non-oil crayons for drawing lessons.
  2. Science experiments and angklung lesson for preschool students are taught when the student is ready.
  3. One hour tutorial class (Bimbel) is provided for Mathematics, English, Bahasa Indonesia and Science subjects after class (chargeable).