PRESCHOOL (3-6 years)



preThe period between birth and age 6, also known as the time of the ‘absorbent mind’, is generally recognized as the most important period in the development of a child’s intelligence. Throughout this phase, children’s curiosity is at its peak, allowing them to readily absorb information, assimilate it with their senses and construct their own knowledge.

Pelita Hati Montessori School offers a stimulating environment for children aged 3 years and older that provide them with ample opportunities to learn more thoroughly and efficiently through experience, practice and guidance. Emphasis is placed on learning literacy and numeracy, yet proper mannerisms and social skills continue to be reinforced.

Our Preschool program encourages children to develop self-initiative and independence in taking care of themselves as well as finding solutions for problems across various subjects. Children are also given the freedom to choose what kind of activity to do in class, boosting their confidence, creativity and cognitive ability.


The Montessori curriculum in our Preschool includes the following lessons:

  • Practical life activities – grating, peeling, whisking, tying shoelace, ironing, cooking
  • Mathematics – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division (0 – 9999)
  • Language – spelling, reading, writing, and learning grammar in Bahasa Indonesia, English & Mandarin
  • Science – experiments on sounds, floating & sinking, magnets, volcanoes
  • Cultural subjects – botany, geography, zoology, history
  • Sensorial activities – recognising smells, hearing sounds, tasting flavours
  • Arts and crafts, music, rhyming, singing, drama
  • Physical Education – simple gymnastics, practicing gross motor skills (kicking, throwing, jumping)